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“I was really helped by Dr. Kuo. I had two issues with my hip. One was limited motion which turned out to be due to internal scar tissue. This was dealt with by Dr. Kuo’s manipulation of the joint. Full range of motion has been restored. The second issue was long term throbbing pain in the hip. This was addressed with orthotics that help to realign my legs and the pain was virtually eliminated.

I also have been using pole walking sticks with great results. Running was getting to be too hard on my middle aged joints so I started walking, but walking is a bit too light. Pole walking is in between. It is much faster than walking (about 15% faster in my case), engages the upper body giving me a better workout, and is very low impact. My hip used to ache after walking, but doesn’t hurt at all after pole walking even though the workout is more intense.”   –William H

“I had so much pains all over my arm, neck and shoulder areas that kept me up all night and day. The pains were unbearable to the point where I cannot even move. Originally, I was not sure if chiropractic treatment would help because I have this fear. But after seeing Dr. Kuo from a referral, I genuinely believe that he relieved most of my pains after several adjustments and therapy treatments.

Dr. Kuo and his staff are very friendly and professional AND do want their patients get better and be well. Also, he suggests and recommends various preventive exercise to alleviate and reduce pains. I highly recommend Dr. Kuo for those who are in pain and needed therapeutic treatments.”  -John C

“Awesome chiropractor! Been seeing dr Kuo for 4 years. Helped me from my spinal injury and now I’m training and coaching other in IRONMAN triathlon.i highly recommend him for all your health needs and concern. Very professional and caring as a person!”  -Matt W

“Dr. Kuo cares so much about his patients! Really wants all around health for you and is very thorough. Absolutley a great Chiro”
-Kahiwalani M

“Very caring person, not after the money. Really knows his stuff and will take care of you to the best of his ability.”     -Steve