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Dr. David W. Kuo, Biography

Dr. David W. Kuo has over 20 years of experience in chiropractic and sports medicine, and is passionate about helping patients live a pain free life.

As a professionally trained natural healing practitioner who believes in an integrated holistic approach to healthcare, he employs a multi-pronged approach in his practice that addresses the source of pain rather than just treating symptoms.

The first step in working with patients is always to get them out of pain, and then to educate them as to how better life choices (like proper sleep, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle practices) can help the body to heal itself. The goal is to get to the "root" cause of the problem or condition.

Dr. Kuo works with individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including high level athletes, but especially enjoys working with patients who will commit to proactive health choices to achieve optimal health, wellness and balance throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Kuo utilizes evidence and research based assessments to reveal imbalances and deficiencies so that appropriate correction and support can be provided. Clients continue to see improvement in structural integrity (posture), biochemistry and nutritional balance, as well as mind, body and psychological balance.

Patients regularly report relief from back, neck and joint pain, as well as improvement in areas such as chronic allergies, migraines, fatigue, digestive disorders and even hyperactivity.

Dr. Kuo received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and holds a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a certification in Advanced Personal Injury Management.

Over the years, he has served patients through private practice at the Integrated Healing Center and Healthsource of Pasadena (10+ years at each location), offering a variety of services including chiropractic care, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, therapeutic massage, therapeutic rehabilitation, yoga and pilates.

His extensive resume includes work as the Lead Exercise Physiologist at Centinela's Hospital Fitness Institute, the Program Supervisor for the Southern California Edison Company, and as the medical staff for the Budweiser Surf Tour. He has also served as the staff doctor for (among others) the Gracie Jujitsu Tournament and for the California State Track and Field Invitational. He currently serves on the board for Renewology.
Based in Pasadena, Dr. Kuo is an active member of his San Gabriel community. He is a single father of two, and his hobbies include working out, hiking, camping, martial arts, reading, traveling, and community outreach. He also actively supports several non profits including Girls On The Run and One Hope Wine.

“Are you health conscious and looking for a chiropractor that takes a whole person approach; someone that can work with you to help you live a pain free, healthy and balanced life? If you are, then we need to chat. I offer a natural approach to healthcare that has been developed over 20 years, working with you or your loved ones to get to the source of your pain. In a relaxed yet professional setting we can work together to develop your wellness plan and get you living your best life.”

– Dr. David W. Kuo

“In my many years of practice, I’ve proven that chiropractic care is a very effective AND efficient healing modality that can assist individuals with neuro-musculo-skeletal pain relief and management. Because it supports the body’s ability to heal itself by supporting the entire nervous system - the motor function, autonomic function and sensory function can be regulated and improved without the use of pharmacological agents which can be harmful, toxic and addictive. I believe that healthcare works best with a ‘team’ approach, and chiropractic is a powerful complement to other modalities of care.”

- Dr. David W. Kuo

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