I went to Dr. Kuo because I needed to see someone for all the pain I was having from a car accident. Almost every part of my body was screaming in pain when I first walked in to his office. A friend who is a patient of Dr. Kuo for over twenty years recommended him. From the first treatment, I was beginning to feel better. I had “homework”. home exercises to help me strengthen muscles and reinforce the treatments. I feel assured and confident that I am on a good path to healing and have made some big improvements toward recovery. Dr. Kuo really knows his stuff and he is one of the most caring medical professional I have been to and is very effective with his treatments. If you want a caring chiropractor, Dr. Kuo is a great choice.”   -Rosemary

Dr. David Kuo- Thank you for all your support these past few years. Even when I had lost all hope, you supported and encouraged me. Your hands and your words have healed me physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you again! 1 Thessalonians 5:11”  -Matthew

My neck was really bothering me; it felt sore, tight, just out of alignment and very uncomfortable. It would bother me as I would try to concentrate on studying and I would toss and turn and fluff and rearrange my pillow at night to try to make my neck more comfortable so I could sleep. Having Dr. Kuo work on and adjust my neck was the one thing that FINALLY offerred relief. My neck feels great now–so much looser, full-range of motion, and completely comfortable and back as it should be! The doctor and his staff are also amazing! They really care. You can really see their compassion from the many causes they support. They’ve collected and donated cans and food at their office for food drives, they raise money for Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter (a homeless shelter whose goal is to prevent further hypothermia-related deaths among homeless individuals and families by providing them with hot meals and nighttime shelter during the winter), and more. They’ve shown their compassion and concern for the community time and time again, providing even more reason for you to rest assured that as their patient you will be well-cared for!”  -Rebecca

My family and I have been going to Dr. Kuo for years he is the ONLY chiropractor I trust with something as important as my spinal cord, back and neck. He has always helped me I’ve been in accidents, fallen and had chronic neck issues and I have never left there not feeling better. My husband is disabled and has disk issues in his back and neck problems and Dr. Kuo always helps him with these Dr. Kuo has really strengthened these areas and he is much stronger now because of it. About a month ago I had something really scary happen to where I had the most horrific pain on the left side of my neck. I had a cold and had taken cold medicine and woke up not being able to turn my neck. I took medicine and tried to just wait it out I didn’t want any one to touch it. I started not even being able to sleep at night. My husband told me I had to go see Dr. Kuo. I did one session and then went home and it was still really bad so I went back like Dr. Kuo told me too and he put this tape on my neck. It was some sort of tape that they use in sports medicine. After wearing it for three days and having another session my neck was healed! It was a miracle. For nights I had cried saying I was going to have to go the the hospital and all I needed was Dr. Kuo. Amazing place! Don’t trust anyone else with your neck and back!!”   – Lyla

Dr. Kuo and his team were a lifesaver! I’ve had severe chronic neck pain following a trampoline accident for over 20 years. Over the years I have been to a couple of different chiropractors, each for an extended period of time. Although they provided temporary relief from my stiff neck, it only lasted for a short time before the stiffness returned (sometimes within 20 minutes of the adjustment). After the lack of results from previous chiropractors, I gave up on it and turned to acupuncture. Although acupuncture reduced the pain and provided enhanced neck mobility, it did not cure the problem. Finally, the neck pain got so severe that I decided to try another Chiropractor. Luckily, I found Dr. Kuo based on some others’ positive reviews on the internet. During the initial consultation, Dr. Kuo provided an adjustment that provided some immediate pain relief. From the first visit, I could tell that Dr. Kuo was definitely different from the previous chiropractors I had visited. Over the next few weeks I had regular adjustments, which includes time with his staff of physical therapists. My neck pain and mobility have improved almost 100%….and the best part was that it only took a couple months of treatments. I no longer have the chronic neck stiffness that I have “lived with” for over 20 years now. Dr. Kuo also treated my other ancillary problems that I didn’t even think a chiropractor could fix (e.g. stiff hip and injured rotator cuff). I believe the combined chiropractor adjustments and physical therapy approach that Dr. Kuo uses is what sets his practice miles apart from other chiropractors. Dr. Kuo truly wants to get you completely healed and this becomes apparent from the first visit when he and his staff work with you on stretches and exercises that they recommend so that we “fix” the root causes of our misaligned bodies. Thank you Dr. Kuo, because of you I feel like a new man”     -Steve

I’ve been going to Dr. Kuo for about 6 months now and have been very happy with my results. My neck has always been my biggest challenge that I’m still working on. I have seen Orthopedists, massage and physical therapists for it, and while everyone helps a little in different ways, on days that I have flare ups, Dr. Kuo is the only one that can get me out of the excruciating pain zone. He also does Neuromuscular Rehabilitation for my neck which trains your brains and muscles to correctly communicate with each other to have your body function properly. My hips were also problematic before seeing Dr. Kuo; they would often pop out of place and I would often get a “dead leg” in the middle of walking. Now I don’t have that issue anymore, and the hip soreness that I used to experience while sleeping is also gone. Plus, I gained more flexibility in my hamstring. Dr. Kuo has been able to help me with several other smaller pains that I had been experiencing. I suffer from Bruxism and the clenching had become such a problem that my jaw would click all the time and I couldn’t take a few bites without my jaw muscles getting sore. After several treatments I can now open and close my mouth without it clicking and I can eat without experiencing pain and soreness! Even smaller pains such as tightness in my hands and wrist or ankle pains have been relieved during a visit. Your examination consists of physical tests done to test your range of motion, flexibility, muscle weakness, etc, along with a review of your Xrays. Your treatment plan involves adjustments, trigger point relaxation techniques, and physical therapy ti get you muscles strong to hold onto that new health. Dr. Kuo is an excellent chiropractor and has a fantastic staff. The receptionists are very helpful and friendly, and the physical therapists are knowledgeable and thorough in getting you rehabilitated”  -Ivana